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Dream Team's DaVinci
a Fronte son

 Proud members of the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

     Here at Dream Team Kennels our mission is to breed world class Dogs.  In order for this to happen the dogs must have these three attributes in common:  type, temperament and soundness.  If a breeder intends to breed dogs of high quality that consistently win in the show ring and perform the jobs they were originally bred to perform, their dogs must posess all three.

     If our dogs do not posess all three qualties they are not bred.  Type, temperment and soundness must coexist with our dogs.  Because a world class specimen bred for the show ring and working ability, must not only look spectacular and awe inspriring, it must also move effortlessly with powerful gait that denotes strength, confidence and beauty.  Therefore, it is important that all pieces of our dogs must fit together properly.

     Dream Team Kennels have a combined experience of over 20 + years of rasing, breeding, fostering, rescuing and veternairy technical experience.  That's why we feel confident in our mission.


Some Kennels buy Champions, We produce them!
3 x 1st Place Winner Italy's Nationals 2002
Fronte Porto HD-B, son of Italian Champion Vento HD-A

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