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Simba of Dream Team
25.5" at the withers and 119 lbs.


Simba is our Fondation bitch.  She is everything you could wish for in a Boerboel.  She's beautiful, full of drive, fearless, excellent confronmation, heavy boned, powerful, etc.  I can't say enough about her.  The photos do her no justice.  She is one of the nicest female Boerboels I have ever seen in person.  Her body, bone and disposition is outstanding.

What makes Simba stands out is that she is a very masculine female.  She has a broad, deep, square, flat and muscular head.  She has the idea Boerboel head, which has a visible stop.  (a great deal of Boerboel I have seen have no stop)  Her muzzle is straight and parallel to the top of the head, with mandibles that are strong, deep,and broad.

Simba's body is like a prize fighter.  Let's start with her neck.  Her neck is strong and very muscluar.  It is firmly attached to the head and gradually broadens up to the point where it is attached to the shoulder.  Her neck, head and shoulders form one unit.  Her back is broad with prominent muscles.  Her rump also is broad and strong with good muscle develpment.  Her chest is muscular, strong  broad and deeply set between her forelegs, with well attached curved ribs.  Her forequarters and shoulders are nice but her upper arm looks like she works out in the gym.  Her upper arms have great muscle development.  They are very thick and strong.  Her hindquarter looks like she's been running marathons.

Dream Team's Sakura is brown with strong pigment
Seen here around 7 months old and 75 lbs.

Dream Team's Safaa
24.5" at the withers and 96 lbs.


Safaa has excellent confronmation as you can see.  She only gets better as she gets older. (seen here 14 months)  Her body is very well balanced.  Safaa is self assured and fearless, but is very watchful and sweet with the family.

Safaa's head is flat and getting broader by the month.  She has a black muzzle.  Her top line is straight, just like her back is straight, broad and in proportion, with prominent back muscles and a short loin.  Her rump is broad and strong with good muscle development.  Her forequarter, shoulder/withers are strong, proportion, correctly angled and with good muscle development.  The hindquarter is strong, firm with good angulation with makes for effective propulsion.  Over all she is a very nice female and we are proud of her.

Sakura is down right MARVELOUS!
She has a very short, broad & muscular head

Sakura is an offspring of Russ and as you can see, Russ is an EXCEPTIONAL producer!