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These are the prices if we provide the dog. For those people who want to send their dog for training camp or bring their dog on a weekly bases the price is different.

WATCH DOG = The WATCH dog, barks a warning to the owner, to allow the owner to control the situation. To call the police, or investigate the situation for themselves. This dog will have basic obedience. $2,000 & up

PERSONAL PROTECTION (Level 1) = The level 1 dog is trained to show an agrressive display on the command. This dog will show teeth, bark and lunge aggressively at the end of the leash towards any aggressor who tries to approach once his command is given. Weapons, yelling, of other forms of intimidation will not cause this dog to back down. This dog will most likely bite if the aggressor physically challenges the dog. The level 1 dog is not specifically trained how to most effectively fight the aggressor as is the level 2 dog. The level 1 dog's main purpose is as a deterrent, which is usually enough for most situations. $2,500 & up

PERSONAL PROTECTION (Level 2) Executive Personal Protection "Defense Dog" = Level 2 dogs will show the same aggressive display as the level 1 dog on command. This dog has also been trained how to most effectivlely win a fight with an aggressor who physically challenge him. This dog is trained to use the bone crushing power of the back of its jaw, by biting deep instead of with just the front of its mouth. This dog has also been trained to counter any attempt by an aggressor who strikes or tries to beat off the dog by biting deeper and harder of shaking the part of the body held in the mouth. This dog is trained to release his bite on command. $3,500 & up

PERSONAL PROTECTION (Level 3) Special Executive Personal Protection "Offense Dog" = The level 3 dog has all the training of level 1 & 2 dogs, but has the option of being able to be deployed off leash to pursue and capture a fleeing person or a threat from a distance. This dog is trained to use its body to knock down and hold onto the person. This dog will also release its command from a distance. $4,500 & up

Working Puppies for sale;

Pet quality = $1,000 - $1,500

Companion quality potential for family protection and breeding = $1,500 - $2,000

Show & Working quality (potential for Law enforcement & Search & Rescue = $2,000 - $3,000

We can Import German Shepherds for show or/and work. We ship dog Worldwide.

DID YOU KNOW? Homes without working breeds are 5 times more likely to be burglarized.

More info will coming soon!