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Here are some of our females.

Click here so see more of our females.

Dream Team's Kenya 114 lbs & 26" @ the withers
her head type is incredible! {Sunni X Rosa Parks)

Dream Team's Naja 8 months & 90 lbs.
(Dream Team's Trotter x Dream Team's Kenya)

Italian import Beatrice dei Silvanbull (R.I.P.)

25" at the withers and 112 lbs.
Italian Reproduction Ch. Alehandro x Italian Ch. Queen)

Dream Team's Dazzler
beautiful head and awesome chest for a female.

(Ch. Temistocle x Beatrice di Silvanbull)
24" at the withers and 92 lbs.

Dazzi is strongly built with powerful and long muscles.  She has a very distinguished look, that expresses strength, agility and endurance.  Her body is very harmonious.  As you can see she is compact, strong and very muscluar.  

Dazzi is out of Italian Import Champion Temistocle (Temi) PennHIP no DJD & Italian Import Bea HD-A.  Bea was a very important bitch.  She was the 1st and only corso ever imported to the USA out of World Famous Italian Champion Reproducer Alehandro, which is the son of Italian Champion Adolf.  She has other important dog in her pedigree like Italian Champion Queen, Italian Champion & Italian Champion Reproduer  Ettore, Italian Champion Reproducer Birillo, Italian Champion Reproducer Dauna, Italian Champion, Finnish Champion, Swedish Champion, Vice World Champion & Champion Reproducer Tuono HD-A, etc.

Click here to see Dazzi's offspring!

Dream Team's Adonna AKA Cuja (R.I.P.)
she is just to die for. (Fonte Porto x Dream Team Dazzler)

Adonna and one of her best friends lil Ms. Reader
Just awesome head type, just a better version of her mom.

Dream Team's Demi Moore (9 months old)
Dream Team's Trotter CGC, DD, WDE, CAL3, Sch BH, WD1 x Dream Team's Adonna CGC

Dream Team's Coretta Scott-King
25" @ the wither & 96 lbs (Dream Team's Quran x Beatrice dei Silvanbull)

She is a very burly, athletic & charged.
Very good bone and conformation.

Rivale's Fendi (Rivale's Mojo II x Rivale's Katara
She is the grand daughter of Dei Rivale Mojo BH, CAL III, PSA 1, etc.

(LLJ's Caponne Futrell DD x Rivale's Fendi)

Dream Team's Jannah (Sunni CGC x Marya)
Beautiful head type!!

Sophia CGC, TDI, OFA good
She was one of our 1st Corsi, now co-owned w/ Mr. Hay

Sophia 110 lbs. & 26" at the withers.
She is a great ambassador for the breed.

Dream Team's Nayla (Ch. Scandifio Hammer & Sophia)
106 lbs., 25" @ the withers, CGC, OFA good

Nayla is a producer of big bone dogs.

Italian import Giulia Farnese HD-A
(Arco di Spicciano x Bodark)

Dream Team's Butterfly
(Italian Ch. Duce x Giuila Farnese)

Dream Team's Isha
Outstanding head type

Isha (Dream Team's Quran & Dream Team's Butterfly)
110 lbs. and 26" at the withers

Sejpejos Jawi El Corso HD-A (R.I.P.)
She has a beautiful head!!!

Jawi has nice conformation
(Fabio de Corso z Machova Kraje x Hegi Corso Z Mochova Kraje)

Jawi HD-A, is one of everybody's favorite. She has an beautiful head and excellent conformation. Her father is Swedish Champion & Swedish Winner 2002 & 2003 "Fabio". Her mother is Swedish Champion, Swedish Winner 2002, 2x Best of Breed & 3x Best in Show "Hegi" HD-B. Jawi's grandmother is Swedish Champion & Reproductive Champion "Cora" HD-B. Last but not lease is her grandfather, he is one of the Most if not the Most title Cane Corso in all of Europe Champion JONES! Now that's a great pedigree!

Dream Team's Tinker Bell (1.5 years old)
(Sunni x Dazzler)

Baby Blue
Fully protection trained and OFA good

Dream Team's Sheba (co-owned w/ Harrel Hay)
26" @ the wither & 110 lbs. very strong temperament!

Sheba is always waiting and ready
(Italian import Zen x Baby Blue)

DT's ZORA WAT 1, CAL 1,2 & 3, Olympic Dog Supreme
2009 SACCI Nationals Olympic Dog Winner, 2009 SACCI Northeastern Region Working Bitch

Excellent conformation & is a very hard worker
like her mom (Baby Blue) & confident like her dad (Zen)

Working Champion Dream Team's Zora, "2012 Working Cane Corso Bitch of the Year"
  1. WAT 1
  2. CAL 1
  3. CAL 2
  4. CAL 3
  5. 2009 SACCI Nationals Olympic Dog Winner
  6. 2009 SACCI Northeast Region Working Bitch of the Year
  7. 2010 SACCI Nationals Hardest Hitting Female
  8. Olympic Dog Supreme
  9. SACCI Raduno 2011 Hardest Hitting Female
  10. SACCI Raduno 2011 2nd place Weight Pull
  11. SACCI Raduno 2011 3rd place Lunge
  12. OFA good
  13. WTE (Working Temperament Evaluation)
  14. 2012 Working Cane Corso Bitch of the Year

Dream Team's La Madrina
WK CH Dream Team's Trotter x WK CH Dream Team's Zora

Madrina is one of our most important females in our program. Her genetic background for working is incredible! 

Madrina's sire is WK CH Dream Team's Trotter, 2013 Cane Corso Nationals Working Champion, CAL1, CAL2, CAL3, 2009 N.E. Region Working Dog of the Year, 2010 Nationals Hardest Hitting Male, 2010 N.E. Region Working Dog the Year, CGC, DD, WDE, 1st Place Pro Sports Training Div., Raduno 2011 Hardest Hitting Male, Schutzhund BH, WD1, IPO 1a, National Specialty 2011 Top Working Male, National Specialty 2011 Hardest Hitting Male (2nd year in a row), PT1, WTE, OBT, WST, SACCI CAL1, SACCI CAL2, 2012 Raduno Hardest Hitting Male (2nd yr. in a row), 2012 Raduno Top Working Male, PSA PDC-SD, SD1, etc.

Madrina's dam is WK CH Dream Team's Zora, 2012 Working Cane Corso Bitch of the Year, WAT1, CAL1, CAL2, CAL3, 2009 Nationals Olympic Dog Winner, 2009 N.E. Region Working Bitch of the Year, 2010 Nationals Hardest Hitting Female, Raduno 2011 Hardest Hitting Female, OFA good, WTE, etc.

She is also double bred Baby Blue, (OFA good) which is the foundation of our working line.  She was the toughest Cane Corso we have ever seen or worked.  Super strong nerves, very full temperament.  Super strong Prey, Defense & Fight drives!

La Madrina has a gorgeous head, nice bone an excellent conformation.  She has very full calm grips, strong nerves & sweet disposition, but protective if need be!

Dream Team's Ino
outstanding head type

She have a wonderful body and great chest
Dream Team Disco CGC x Dream Team Zorra OFA, good, WAT 1, CAL 3

Amber Rose di Dream Team
1.5 years old Formentino

Macy Gray
7 month old Formentino

Dream Team's Eboni 2 (co-owned w/ Max)
26" at the withers and 110 lbs. (Fronte Porto x Scandifio Bell)

Italian import Anita HD-B

Dream Team's Jazzy (Zen HD-A X Anita HD-B)
co-owned with Country Boy Cane Corso

Dream Team's Jizyah (Fronte Porto x Anita)
Progeny of 3 x 1st Winner Italy's National 2002 Fronte Porto HD-A

Jizyah seen here at 1 year of age.
You should see her now at 3 years!

Dream Team's Luna (Fronte Porto x Anita)
She has remarkable conformation.

We breed the dogs people Dream about!

DC & NC 804-677-1695

Here at Dream Team Cane Corso we are Cane Corso breeders producing quality Cane Corso puppies for sale with full temperaments.  We produce all colors, black cane corso, brindle cane corso, fawn cane corso, red cane corso, blue cane corso  and formentino cane corso.  We breed Working Lines and Show Lines!