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  • All monies are non-refundable*.  However the deposit may be carried over to the next litter up to one year from said date, at the purchaser's request.
  • Pups come with a lifetime health guarantee.
  • Pups are guaranteed to be free of crippling Hip dysplasia for the first 36 months.
  • Pups come with lifetime support
  • Pups come with a Toy
  • Pups come with shots & full medical record.
  • Pups are dewormed starting at 2 weeks of age.
  • Pups come with tails docked & rear dewclaws removed.
  • Pups are reared indoors.
  • Clients are prescreened to ensure best placement.
  • Pups are Temperament Tested before being placed in homes.
  • We offer the BEST Rebate program on Show Prospects & Working Titles. (see our "Rebate" page)
  • References Gladly Provided.


Deposit Form

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pet contract page 4

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First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Address 1:
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Zip code:
non-refundable Deposit:
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Ear Crops:

Ear Crops: The choice to crop ears on your new puppy is left up to the decision of each new owner. Dream Team Kennels does not crop any ears themselves, nor do we require ear crops on any of our puppies, however we are happy to provide a recommendation to our vet who provides a quality crop and great service.

Owners who choose to have their pup's ears cropped with our vet here understand that there is risk with any surgery when anesthesia is used, agree to pay for all crop expenses and agree that Dream Team Kennels will not be held liable for any complications resulting from owner's choice to have a ear crop surgery performed.

* Non-refundable deposits = We require a non-refundable deposit to hold a Dog for you.  We do not refund deposits. AGAIN, WE DO NOT refund deposits, not that we do not refund deposits unless ..... but we do not refund deposits.  A deposit is placed to hold a Dog for you, if you shall change your mind about purchasing, you will be forfeiting your deposit regardless of what the reasons are.  Unless ;you wish to roll the deposit over to another litter.  If you are notified to send remaining balance, and do not do so in our required time frame, you will be charged a holding fee until your Dog is picked up. also if we do not hear from you within 7 days after payment is made, your Dog will be resold causing you to lose your deposit as well as any other fees occured. Unless you wish to be rolled over to another litter.  This has been our policy since we have been in business, it has not changed, nor will it change.  Once a Dog is purchased, even if in full, and you change your mind, you will lose the deposit as well as any other fees we incur if we are to re-sell the Dog.  Unless you make arrangements before hand to roll over deposits to another litter.  Definition of the word "deposit" Money given in advance to show intention to complete the purchase of a property. for example: a Dog!

A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your puppy/dog. The deposit will not be refunded if you change your mind for ANY reason. This insures the seller that you are serious in purchasing the puppy/dog. This takes the dog off the MARKET that someone else could have purchased. If you change your mind about buying the puppy/dog all money on the puppy/dog will NOT be refunded or transferred to another puppy/dog in the litter, or a different litter, unless arrangements have been made prior to given the deposits. The funds paid on the puppy/dog is then forfeited to the breeder.


CaneCorsi@gmail.com 804-677-1695

Here at Dream Team Cane Corso we are Cane Corso breeders producing quality Cane Corso puppies for sale with full temperaments.  We produce all colors, black cane corso, brindle cane corso, fawn cane corso, red cane corso, blue cane corso  and formentino cane corso.  We breed Working Lines and Show Lines!