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Here are some of our new cane corso lovers!

Here we would like to show you some of our new Cane Corso family members as well as some of our old and faithful. You can go to our original site and see some of our old Cane Corso family members dating back as far 2001.

This is lil Miss Reader with her body guards! lol!
this 2 of the 3 Cane Corso they have from Dream Team. That speaks volumes!

Nahla at home with the Sadiq family

To Whom it may concern,

I am a happy owner of a Dream Team Cane Corso dog. My CC is an offspring of Qur'an and Butterfly. From the beginning Ish & Kim were extremely helpful and considerate. Paperwork was timely, updates were frequent and delivery was to my satisfaction. My advice to anyone purchasing a pup from Dream Team or any other breeder, do not let someone else's experience be yours. Have your own personal experience with your breeder. Never take negative hype or comments as fact, develop your opinion and go from there. Ish & Kim have been nothing short of complete professional in my dealings with them. I encourage them to keep up the great work and keep producing great dogs. Below is my Cane Corso "Justice".

Dream Team Justice
A proud member of the Green family.

Dream Team Gator & the Chaney's of Maryland
(WK CH Dream Team's Trotter x Dream Team's Tinker Bell)

Dream Team Sasha (DT Trotter x DT Kenya) &
Clarence Collins of Florida

Colin & his Disco x Nayla daughter

Anwar William and family in VA.

Allen Caldwell and family, North Carolina

Rolando Piti & Dream Team Max
Living the good life in Florida

Rolando's daughters showing Max some love!

Dream Team's Rosa Parks & Fronte Porto made it to
Hong Kong safely.

As you can see Fronte is loving his new home.

Subject: Re: Dream Team Kennels

Hello ___________,
Believe me you won't be disappointed with a pup purchased from Ish & Kim.  They hand delivered our Bubba to us and we live in Bucks County, PA.  They drove 5 hours each way to make sure our puppy was here before we left for vacation.  Tomorrow Bubba will 10 months old and he already weighs 125 lbs.  and still has yet to fill out.  He is very big boned.  He has the best temperament you could want in a dog, especially a dog of his size.  We have a 15 month old female Corso from another breeder and an 11 lbs. Pomeranian and they all get along just wonderful.  Bubba is everything we were looking for in a Corso.  We have entered him in some shows to get his and our feet wet when he was just 3 months and 6 months old.  He won multiple 1st place ribbons and was given his first score of excellence.  We are planning on showing his seriously this year and hopefully he'll win his Championship.  Ish and Kim have always answered any questions we have had about anything that had to do with our dog, the dog shows or anything else that may have came up at the time.  Ish had even volunteered to handle Bubba for us at the shows we attended.  To us that takes a dedicated person, a person who really cares about his dogs and breeding program.  I could go on all night about Ish & Kim, the bottom line is you won't find a better breeder.  We have learned that the hard way by dealing with some by phone, at shows and over the internet.  FYI: Our Bubba is out of a litter from Disco and Sophia.  He is Blue and like I said earlier, he is big.  If you have any questions about DTK don't hesitate to send us an e-mail!

Steve, Dawn, Taylor, Bubba, Zoey & Shadow Lalumera

Dawn, her lovely daughter & the 1 & only Bubba!
Showing off their "Best in Show Puppy" ribbon.

Dream Team Prince Bubba & Miss little LaLumera, PA
Look out you just may see them in the show ring this year!

Former Body Builder Tania & Dream Team Biggy
A Fronte son 155 lbs. now that's a big boy!

Myraa of PA. with her two babies, Butter & China

James & Cheeco (Disco CGC x Zora WAT1, CAL1,2,3)

Roc Lee & Ino in there new home with Osma
in front of one of his Ferrari. They sure will be living the good life.

More will be coming soon!

Fronte is now at Odysseus Molosser in Hong Kong

Hello Ismail and Kim.  I just wanted to shot you an email as I am approaching my 1 year Anniversary of purchasing Amico from Dream Team Kennels.  I just wanted to share how extremely happy I am with Amico.  Not only is Amico an impressive dog visually but he is an awesome companion and true protector.  He has a lot of play in him but is patient to play when I am ready.  He has amazing physical abilities and enjoys using the neighborhood playground as his own play area.  He loves running up and down the slide, climbing and hurdling.  He has assumed his roll perfectly in this house.  I am sure to mention you guys whenever anyone asks me about Amico, which is whenever we are out. I experienced a lot with Amico that I had never before and you both were always available to talk and share your knowledge.  You can read a lot about a dog but is good to have the kind of support that you provide.  Thanks again for everything!

Aaron E. Dock, Jr.

Dream Team Amico owned by Aaron Dock of Maryland
Amico at 1 year of age at his 1# play area.

Dream Team Mac

Zac and Dream Team Brinks (5 years old)
In North Carolina

Dream Team's China CGC, TDI, Myraa & Butterfly
They are a match made in Heaven!

Tania & Dream Team Angus
This is her baby! Tania & Brett have 3 corsos from us.

Brett & Dream Team Dojo
Brett's 3rd Corso from Dream Team

Dream Team Enzo with his new family the Lo's
He looks like is is enjoying Wisconsin to me!

Dawod & Dream Team's Simba
This is Dawod's 3rd dog from Dream Team Kennels!

Gotti still has that nice head!

Happy Owners!

We will try and add some new photos every month. Any one who has a Corso from us is more then welcome to send photos and stories to share and we will post them. No matter how old or young your Corso may be.

DC & NC 804-677-1695

Here at Dream Team Cane Corso we are Cane Corso breeders producing quality Cane Corso puppies for sale with full temperaments.  We produce all colors, black cane corso, brindle cane corso, fawn cane corso, red cane corso, blue cane corso  and formentino cane corso.  We breed Working Lines and Show Lines!