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Keeping your pet safe and secure.

Crate Training is a wonderful and recommended way to train your puppy and provide it with its own "Den" environment.

The benefits of Crate Training are:

  • It reduces housebreaking time dramatically.
  • Crate Training teaches your puppy desirable behavior.
  • Crate Training provides security and privacy by providing your puppy with it's own home when it becomes tired or anxious.
  • It provides you peace of mind by not having to worry about your home being damaged or that your puppy is developing bad habits.
  • A Crate Trained puppy will travel much easier.
  • Crate Training improves and strengthens the dog/owner relationship.
  • A Crate Trained pet enables you, the owner, to feel comfortable including your pet on family outings instead of being left behind at a boarding kennel.

We pray this little bit of info helps.

DC & NC 804-677-1695

Here at Dream Team Cane Corso we are Cane Corso breeders producing quality Cane Corso puppies for sale with full temperaments.  We produce all colors, black cane corso, brindle cane corso, fawn cane corso, red cane corso, blue cane corso  and formentino cane corso.  We breed Working Lines and Show Lines!